Gina Hemmings, a resident of Denver stopped working in advertising to pursue her dream, Mossflower. Mossflower is a boutique flower shop that is providing seasonal flowers that are locally sourced. When you walk into your local florists' or grocery store, there’s a good chance the flowers on display are anything but local, seasonal or fresh. Mossflower is helping cut down transportation costs, pesticides and supporting local farmers. She needed my help to create a brand that would help tell her story. I wanted the brand to be flexible and classy. The primary logo is natural, personal and elegant. The color palette conveys the natural beauty associated with moss, ranging in different hues of green. The green on green is very subtle and pleasing to the eye and the gold foil is that touch of elegance that really elevates the brand. It is great to work with someone how cares about supporting her local community. What are you waiting for, go buy a bouquet now! 

Branding / Illustration / Typography

Art Direction + Design: Jacob Gerhardt